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Education programs at MEDIACT are planned and conducted for the purpose of
facilitating citizens' media participation and independent film production. MEDIACT
will function as a media cultural infrastructure through diverse and in-depth media
education, and will realize media democracy and a new media education environ-
ment through media participation. MEDIACT is an always open space for educa-
tion where citizens can choose lectures according to their needs and receive
training according to their capacities.

Area-specific education courses allow you to choose the specific area of media
you wish to learn more about, be it pre-shooting production, production, post-
shooting processes, sound, WEB, or media theories. Area-specific courses last
from one to four days and are conducted every month or every other month.

Production training courses take you through the entire process from planning to
production in producing dramas, documentaries, public access programs and so
on. Most of the production training courses last for three months, and are con-
ducted about twice a year.

MEDIACT also conducts tailor-made programs according to users' requests, as
well as one-off special lectures and workshops. For the one-year schedule of all
the lectures happening at MEDIACT, please refer to the general lecture curriculum

Those who are new to the contents of the course will be placed in the beginner's
class, those with a certain amount of experience in the intermediate class, and
specialists in the advanced class. Lecture outlines and course guides will help
you chart your education in greater detail.

The trainee communities will provide those taking MEDIACT courses with great
opportunities. Trainee communities help beginners ease their way into the
courses, intermediate trainees delve deeper into the courses, and specialists
meet good colleagues. Through the trainee community attached to each lecture,
trainees can receive administrative services, discuss the lecture's contents,
exchange information and hold.
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