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This is because MEDIACT is not just another equipment leasing enterprise;
MEDIACT aspires to respond actively to the rapidly changing media environ-
ment and to become a base for producing progressive and alternative media.
Equipment and facilities are tools that can produce completely different
outcomes depending on the will of the person using the tools. The reason for
MEDIACT's existence is to facilitate the production of independent films and
progressive public access programs. Only when people with like purpose
make use of modern conveniences such as the equipment and facilities
offered by MEDIACT can the various creative tools of MEDIACT acquired at
great costs truly become valuable.

The purpose of categorizing the equipment and facilities into different levels is definitely not to complicate proce-
dures. Although the tools are rented at low rates, frequent users will have to invest a considerable sum to produce
their works. Using the equipment and facilities without fully understanding the methods of use will only lead to
complications in the production process, and may produce unwanted effects. No matter how advanced the equip-
ment is, the outcome will be completely different depending on the capability of the user. Members are asked to
familiarize themselves with utilization methods through the various presentations and training programs for equip-
ment users conducted by MEDIACT before using the equipment and facilities.

Together with its members, MEDIACT will share the problems of
mainstream media and come up with alternatives, while creating
a new media through the sharing of advanced technical informa-
It will and it must. The many talents of each individual member
must converge around MEDIACT. And the system of exchanging
information and individual capacities must change from one
based on capital to one based on your passion for creating inde-
pendent films and alternative media.

Let us exchange equipment and facilities user experiences. And let us create a completely new system where
members can support members' creative activities. And hopefully, each and every effort will pave the way towards
a progressive and alternative 'media creating community.'

Since MEDIACT is definitely not just another equipment rental business, it will aspire to create a system that sets
itself apart from other systems. We will create our own infrastructure to overcome the system of human resource
exchange controlled by capital. And we will pioneer a system for exchanging all that infrastructure. MEDIACT must
become the headquarters for the countless local media centers that will be established in the future. and MEDIAC-
T must produce countless activists who will work in all these media centers. We must establish a framework for
smoother distribution of alternative media works, and create the space to screen more and more independent films.
We must come up with alternative theories to go up against mainstream theories, and create images and sounds
that no mainstream system has been able to produce. In the end, it's all about a system that can create this great

Since MEDIACT is the very first Media Center in Korea, there is no typical
operating model. MEDIACT operations may seem a little fastidious and com-
plicated. We promise to always keep in mind the initial purpose of establish-
ing MEDIACT and continuously remember the aspirations of each and every
member in training ourselves. Please feel free to communicate your sugges-
tions for improvement at any time. We will listen in earnest, deliberate in good
faith, and make every effort to seek solutions for improvement.
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