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MediACT offers a wide range of education programs to guarantee free media
access to citizens and enable creative media production. Conducting education
programs aimed at putting the spirit of public access into practice and facilitating
the production of independent films is one of the core activities of MediACT.
By becoming a member, you can rent at very low rates cameras, lighting and
recording equipment for filming, as well as editing and mixing equipment for the
post-shooting stages. MediACT has a wide range of equipment from the inexpen-
sive to the costly, all very useful to not only citizens but also professional indepe-
ndent film producers. With these tools, you can produce any kind of film you want.
(However, renting the equipment for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.)
When planning to make a film, you may want to know how much funds you need,
what kind of camera you should use, or what procedures are involved in produc-
tion. MEDIACT provides you with consulting on production. You can seek advice
on anything from making out a budget to understanding the technical aspects of
There are altogether nine rooms you can use at MediACT a digital training room
where you can learn digital editing skills, an audio studio for recording and mix-
ing, a subtitling room for inserting and monitoring subtitles, an editing room equip-
ped with a steenbeck for editing 16mm films, two high- and low-end non-linear
editing rooms, a dubbing room for copying and converting tapes in various formats,
a lecture room for simple premieres and lectures, and a seminar room for small
meetings and seminars. All these facilities are available to members at a fixed rate.
(Some of the facilities are available to non-members as well.)
MediACT is a venue for public access
and independent film producers toexch-
ange information as well as a gathering
place for people. MediACT will function
as an information and human resources
bank that converges all the technical
and human resource information that
has so far been scattered and disorga-
MediACT will make available the latest information on media production, and
produce and provide timely technical data. You can take advantage of the latest
information and the best technical staff you need through MediACT.
The Center will host two types of communities. The first is a specialists' club that gathers people specializing in shooting, lighting, editing, recording, mixing and so on. The club will facilitate exchanges between specialists, and open to the public the career records of these specialists so that citizens know where to go for professional help in producing their own films.
The second is a community that reflects the interests and needs of members. Through this community, you will be able to meet many different people and exchange a variety of information freely.
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