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Until now, obstacles such as the high cost of production equipment, the lack of
education programs and the scarcity of viewing and screening opportunities led to
an extremely weak foundation for the production of non-commercial independent
films. MEDIACT will nurture human resources for film production by establishing a
support system for production / education / screening / distribution/archive that
will enable independent film makers to work as writers / lecturers / planners /
producers / researchers of film in the local community.
At the same time, MEDIACT will also indirectly support production by establishing
a local distribution system for independent films.
Production support
Renting equipment and facilities
Providing technical data related to filming
Professional production education and human resources training
Workshops and lectures
Screening independent films and creating programs

MEDIACT will plan a variety of education programs suited to its function as a
regional base for education on media reading and making. Media education will
be conducted not only based on independent programs by MEDIACT but also in
partnership with local media organizations and educational institutions. For these
programs, MEDIACT provides not only classrooms but also production equipment
for practical training.
Media reading education
Media making workshops for citizens
Media training camps for students
Media education for youths and teachers
Training related to the civic media movement

MEDIACT will also provide production equipment and education programs to
encourage the growth of programs produced with viewer participation, a system
that has been introduced in aerial, cable and satellite television. Also, the Center
will develop public access models tailored to the local communities and raise
local residents' awareness of such models, thereby meeting the essential needs
for the successful establishment of a new broadcasting model.
Publicizing the significance and usage of public access
Developing and supporting public access programs
Developing theories for facilitating public access

Currently, there are various activities across the nation aimed at building local
media centers. Media centers, which will function as the 21st century's new pub-
lic cultural infrastructure, are expected to contribute significantly to balanced regi-
onal development and the advancement of media democracy. MediACT aims to
support the building of such media centers in the local communities.
Training local media center operators
Holding public hearings on the building of local media centers

MEDIACT aims to create a small exhibition space to screen the works of indepen-
dent film producers and ordinary citizens, that is, films not commonly put up by
commercial theaters. MEDIACT will also spare no effort in coming up with policies
for the screening and distribution of such works.
Screening independent films and citizen-made works
Functioning as a venue for screening and discussion
Developing solutions for independent screening and distribution
In the long run
Making policies related to exclusive theaters for independent films and building
At the same time, MEDIACT will also concentrate on realizing plans that are
still in its early stages, such as exclusive theaters for independent films, media
archives and permanent policy research bodies, thereby establishing a model
for a substantial organization that supports public access and independent film
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