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The Media Center MediACT is a new form of non-profit cultural infrastructure
for the 21st century, founded by the Korea Film Commission(Commission) and
run by the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video(Association).
The Association first made the proposal for MediACT in February 2000, which
the Commission accepted. Together with various people in the film industry,
the Commission launched a joint committee to take charge of discussions and
research until November 2001.
Finally, in November 2001, various opinions were put together, culminating in
a contract between the Commission and Association commissioning the latter
to run the Media Center MediACT, which opened on May 9, 2002.

MediACT is located on the fifth floor of Ilmin Museum of Art at
Gwanghwamun intersection, near Seoul City Hall. Spread over
about 660m2, MediACT is equipped with educational facilities
and classrooms, and rents filming, lighting, recording and editing
equipment to citizens and independent film makers at low rates.
MediACT also offers a variety of education programs according
to standard, field and medium to enhance media understanding.
MediACT has all the equipment necessary for citizens to partici-
pate in the entire filmmaking process, from filming to editing to
produce a complete film.
MediACT will encourage citizen participation through various media-related education and research programs,
while at the same time concentrating on nurturing citizen film producers. MediACT will also function as the core
infrastructure that facilitates the public access system by providing technical support the equipment needed to
produce and participate in public access programs are rented at low rates and various production advice.

MediACT aims to facilitate a creative media culture and support independent
films that lead experimenting with new digital technologies. In addition,
MediACT will break the ground for the future of media culture by conducting
media education for citizens, facilitating independent film production, and pio-
neering experimental intern
MediACT will share all these activities with existing independent film organi-
zations, ordinary citizens and budding media artists, and widen their scope
of participation by providing them with production equipment on a non-profit
basis. In this way, MediACT will be the harbinger of media democracy. As a
base for strengthening media literacy education and facilitating public acce-
ss and independent film, MediACT will expand the foundation of media culture
while playing an important role in enhancing citizens' capacity to respond
independently to the generally one-sided media environment.
At the same time, MediACT will also concentrate on realizing plans that are
still in its early stages, such as exclusive theaters for independent films,
media archives and permanent policy research bodies, thereby establishing
a model for a substantial organization that supports public access and inde-
pendent film.
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